Download Useful Tizen Apps On Smartphone

Tizen feature category has shared some best apps in store that are useful for every smartphone users. It is the collection of all needy apps must have on your Tizen device. The list is combined by apps from various categories – banking, music player, video player, classifieds, photo editing, content sharing and learning. For some apps in the list you need ACL for Tizen tool to successfully open particular app. Update: ACL for Tizen tool is no longer available in Tizen Store so you can’t its supported apps on Tizen. The VIVA video player & Oxford English Dictionary apps will not run on your smartphones due to the lack of ACL supports. The others are just fine to use on any Samsung Tizen phones without any tools or app supports.

Some apps you may not find in other countries excluding India, because they only targets Indian customers. Like ICICI Mobile Bank app which only operates in India and other is OLX – free local classified app. The ICICI Bank is one of the biggest bank in country and the OLX is well know free classified site in country. Other apps will work fine in South Africa, Indonesia, Bangladesh and remaining listed countries where Samsung sales Tizen devices. You can get all these apps from Tizen Store. Below are all these best useful Tizen Apps for Tizen smartphones.

Useful Tizen Apps

There are total 14 Tizen apps, got listed into Useful app category.

  1. bitMusic
  2. Video Editor
  3. ICICI Mobile Banking
  4. Music Recognizer
  5. Fast Cleaner
  6. OLX Local Classified
  7. Hound Player
  8. PhotoPhunia
  9. Voice Assistant
  10. Vivavideo: free Video Editor
  11. SelfieBoom
  12. ES File Explorer File Manager
  13. Samsung Kids
  14. Oxford Dictionary of English

The list mentioned here is filled with all the useful apps from main categories. You will see photo editing, music player, financial, entertainment, educational, camera, file manager and Utility apps. These 14 must have apps are useful on all the devices. Download them on Samsung Z4, Z2, Z3 & Z1 smartphones. To install them on your smartphone go to Tizen Store and hit the download button. These apps will not take much space on the device, instead they will help you in various ways. You can ask me for help if you are getting trouble while downloading these apps.