Download WhatsApp App On Samsung Z4

It all started when Samsung launched their first Tizen smartphone, Samsung Z1. Since then Facebook has added their official app WhatsApp Messenger on all Samsung Tizen smartphones. The WhatsApp Messenger app on the Tizen has got all the updates on time to time since it originally released. And now with the new Samsung Z4 smartphone it is even better to use. It is the hardwork of developers to create a simple app for new platform which is simple to use and very secure to protect user’s privacy.

If we talk this new WhatsApp App on Samsung Z4 then still it is missing some new apps, which are present on other platforms. The main features which are missing from this version are Video calling and story telling. These days those are favorite functions on the app, uses by billions of customers on their phone. But Tizen users has to wait some more weeks or months to use them. Story telling is a new feature on app and became very popular in a less time.

WhatsApp on Samsung Z4

The other problem here is WhatsApp emojis, still not there when chatting with someone. Emojis are very cool options to chat with someone and it describes many emotions of the user. We can just wait and see when emojis will come to Tizen. The other all features are presents on this version and all are secure to use.

With this app you can make audio calls to any contacts over the Internet without any extra cost. Share beautiful images or amazing videos to your friends and know there reactions on them. Create a WhatsApp group and add your best buddies to share anything with all of them at the same time. The WhatsApp Messenger app is now available to download for Samsung Z4 Smartphone. Go to Tizen Store and install it right now to connect with your friends.