Download WhatsApp Messenger For Samsung Z3 And Z1

When Samsung launched first generation Tizen phone Samsung Z1 that time it was came with very limited numbers of apps. The Tizen app store where nowhere in the competition, that time only two useful apps landed into store, that were Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger apps, the best apps than thousands of other apps. The Samsung was realized that without premium and useful apps no one will get Tizen Smartphones and that’s why they invited Facebook developers to build Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger apps exclusively for their gadgets. Now we have WhatsApp to sharing our images and other contents with friends.

The WhatsApp Messenger had already launched on iOS, Android, BlackBerry’s and Windows Phone Store since it introduced in market. It is different than any other sharing apps, where they works with your email account WhatsApp Messenger asks for your phone number. If you have working phone number then you can open account with it. By these users will get double security to their account, first that no one can open your account without your permission on other devices and the second benefit is it will open only on your phone where that phone number is located. It also gives permission to change your current phone number with your new number or vice versa.


In the new update WhatsApp has brought voice calling to the Tizen users. This feature will work on all Tizen smartphones. The worst part is emojis are still missing from new update and I hope it will come soon. If you are using old WhatsApp version then you must go to Tizen Store and install new app version. It is smooth, secure and better than older version.

Firstly it was free for first year and then charges 0.99$ for every year, but now company changed their prices and now it is absolutely free from Tizen Store. Everything in the app is also free even all stickers and emojis which makes your messages more meaningful than simple message. The WhatsApp Messenger app supports on both Samsung Z3 and Z1 smartphones and now you can download it on both of them.