ECG & AFib Detection Now Supports on Apple Watch in India

With the latest integration of WatchOS 6 on Apple Watches, the company has introduced the most useful fitness features – ECG & AFib to the Indian users. Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5 users can use these features. The ECG app had initially been launched with Apple Watch Series 4 last year though Apple Indian users have to wait almost a year. The ECG app or know as Electrocardiogram is essential these days that it sends the critical data when they experience symptoms in the heart rhythm like fast heartbeats or skipped beats.

The AFib feature will detect abnormal heart rhythm, which indicates rapid or irregular beating, mostly causes by symptoms like chest pain. In the A-Fib or atrial fibrillation, users will get a notification when the watch identifies irregular rhythms that could create in danger health situations.

ECG for Apple Watch Users in India

ECG app in IndiaBoth these features will work in the background and check customer’s health and guide them accordingly. The data has stored in the Health app and users can check it to improve their health. They can also take the PDF of the data and send it to the physicians.

Since the launching of ECG on the Apple Watch Series 4, it became a lifesaver for many users. In the Apple keynote, the company has shown many such cases who have received valuable help because of the app.

WatchOS 6 added with menstrual cycle tracking to the watch, another useful feature for the women. The new update will allow users to install apps from the watch itself & the voice memos and Noise are the welcome apps in the latest version.

The WatchOS 6 is now seeding on Apple Watch Series 3 & Series 4 owners. In the second phase, it will hit on the remaining watches. Indian users can go to the Settings and install the new update on your Apple Watch Series 4 to get these health features.