Enjoy Ludo King 3D Game On Tizen Phones

The game which is making every gamers crazy is now available in Tizen Store. The game Ludo Kind 3D is making everyone addictive to play it hours & hours. This classic board game has become very popular in India within few years. Everyday billions of gamers play it on their phones or tablets. The craze now come to Tizen smartphones. The first Ludo game on Tizen was ‘Ludo’ and it had gained good response from the users. Later many developers added more versions of it but only few have succeeded to get good ratings. Now the new title Ludo King 3D is released in Tizen Store, with the same gameplay but new theme. It has cool 3D effects in the gameplay so you will see whole new theme while playing.

It doesn’t matter how much cooler your 3D effects are if gameplay and other features are not on the right place. I haven’t played Ludo King 3D yet so I can’t give any ratings. The players who played it before have given 3.6 ratings for its gameplay & 3D effects. That means game is above average and playable on all Tizen smartphones. The game also supports first generation Samsung Z1 Tizen phone. It is good that new games are supporting on old devices like Samsung Z3 & Samsung Z1.

Ludo King 3D

Now talk about gameplay, the same rules applies here. Maximum 4 players can play it as a Green, Blue, Red & Yellow. Select your side and roll the dice. To move on into the game or to move your pieces from the home you must get 6 numbers. Later as per the dice numbers you can move all pieces. It looks easy to play or some players think there is no need to do anything, it is not that simple. Other opponents can send your pieces back to home by punching your piece. That’s why make your strategy and move your pieces. To win the game you have to enter all the 4 pieces into the castle.

All characters will get the chance one by one to move dice & there will be 3 winners – first, second & third winner. The Ludo King 3D is better to play with your friends & family. No one is around you? Then play it against mobile. The Ludo King 3D is good to remind our old childhood memories. Awesome dancing animation & good sound effects are added features into it, and actually makes it cool. The game is 19MB in size and free to play. It is available in Tizen Store for all devices.