Facebook App Available In Tizen Store

Facebook is largest social media platform in the world and almost all Internet users uses it in their daily life. It is great to connect with our old & new friends over this platform, doesn’t matter how far we live. In the past it is very difficult to connect with each other, with the existence of Facebook it became more easier to stay connected. This giant social media platform is launched their official app on Tizen, yes, it is on Samsung Z4, at the same time when they had released WhatsApp Messenger and Instagram apps. It has been two years since Facebook app is in the store, with the new updates on time to time.

It is on Tizen smartphones since when Samsung launched its first Tizen phone, Samsung Z1 and then on Samsung Z3. And now with the new Samsung Z4 device, it is even better to use. New Samsung Z4 has bigger 4.5″ screen (not bigger than Samsung Z3), powerful processor and latest Tizen 3.0 update. Perfect combination to use any app without any hanging problem. The Z4 and Z2 comes with their own version of this app, you will see it in the Essential app folder on your device, no need to download from the store.

Facebook for Tizen

It is Official app from Facebook Inc although have some limitations. This one comes without some major features. First major problem here is you can not create your own group and the second one is you can’t handle or create Facebook Page. It doesn’t have Facebook Lite version, like it is launched on Android & Apple. If we neglect these features then this version is good to use. And I don’t think many people uses Pages so no need to panic.

The Facebook app on Samsung Z4 & Z2 available right on the front screen inside the Essential App folder. By accidentally, if you have uninstalled it or doesn’t find it then you can download Facebook app from the Tizen Store. It will not show you your Facebook messages, for that use Facebook Messenger, which available in store. You can ask any questions regarding Facebook app in the comments section below.