Facebook Messenger App For Tizen Phones

Any operating system without premium apps are nothing but just a combination of ordinary softwares. The operating system could be live if there are some quality apps and games to consume some times on it. First this was right statement with Tizen OS, in the competitive market it was lonely and boring without any quality apps. Samsung finally caught this point and tied up with some well known developers for their OS, that’s a reason now we have some useful and quality apps in Tizen Store.

In that the main app is Facebook Messenger for Tizen Phones, the main app to use with Facebook. Facebook is already entered into the store, but for messaging service, Facebook Messenger is must app and to complete this need they launched this app on Tizen.

In world their are billions of users uses Facebook as their main social account and to chat with the friends they uses Facebook Messenger, the simple solution to stay connected with friends and family. On the Tizen it is very simple and easy to use app, like as its Android and iOS version users can use it on the other apps.

It will alert you when someone sent you message and for easy navigation you can set its space anywhere on screen. There are thousands of free stickers to make your conversation better and cute emoji can make it even meaningful conversation. From the setting you can see who is online and also you can put yourself offline so no one could disturb you in busy time.


In the every corner the Facebook Messenger is must use app on Tizen phones. From the Facebook app you can’t chat with other person, because Facebook transferred their all message system to Messenger. After the WhatsApp Messenger serviceofficial Instagram service app and Facebook it is best and useful app from Facebook Inc developers.

Now with the latest update Facebook Messenger is even better in many ways. Some features are missing here which we used on other platforms but still it is good Messenger to use on Tizen smartphones. So if you like to stay connect with your friends and family then you must use this app. It is now pre-installed app on both Samsung Z3 and Z1 smartphones and for the latest update go to Tizen Store and update it. The latest version of Facebook Messenger is available on Samsung Z4 too. You can download it from Tizen Store of Z4 smartphone.