Facebook on Huawei Watch GT & GT 2

It is not easy to get all the essential apps on the wearables due to some limitations. First, they come with limited storage & a minimum amount of RAM to run heavy apps. If we are talking about Huawei Watch GT or Watch GT 2 then they have 4GB of room. In that, users can only use 2.2GB space, which might be difficult for some developers to create a better environment to run their apps. The apps like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp always require more space to run smoothly. It is the main reason most developers are not interested in today’s wearables, including smartwatches.

Still, there is another way to use apps like Facebook on the smartwatch. You may not get the whole experience in this way, but you will not miss it all. On the smartphone you can scroll the news feed, read all messages in any format, see all images, videos, gifs & listen to all audios. On the Huawei Watch GT & Watch GT 2, you can only read Facebook messages in plain text. You can also read and then delete all messages from the watch. For the facebook users, here is the guide to use Facebook on Huawei Watch GT & Watch GT 2 wearables.

Facebook on Huawei Watch GT & GT 2

Facebook on Huawei Watch1. Get Huawei Health app on a paired smartphone

2. Sign in to Health app & then head to Devices

3. Find your device name & click on it

4. Here you will see Notification option

5. Now you will see all downloaded apps

6. Search for Facebook

7. Toggle the button to get Facebook alerts or messages

Huawei allows you to store up to 10 incoming notifications on the Watch GT & GT 2 smartwatches. When you get more texts, then only the latest 10 messages will be stored automatically. Set the priority and only allow notifications for those apps which are important to you. To read the notifications swipe up or down from the main screen. To delete it, swipe to the right when you read the text. To remove all, tap on Clear all option.

Like Wear OS, Watch OS & Tizen platforms, the LiteOS doesn’t offer many apps for users. The library is still empty with negligible apps. We may see more apps from well-known developers in the coming months like recently Galaxy Watch series has received Microsoft Outlook app. Ask any question regarding this article in the comment box and we assure you to help.