Messenger Rooms Unlimited Video Calling Lets you Connect with 50 Users

Facebook provides an effective platform to stay in touch with friends, family, and loved ones. Now to counter the video calling services Zoom Call & Skype Facebook has launched Facebook Rooms. Over the years Facebook is spontaneously working to improve its functionality and enhance its connectivity mechanism for wide participation. Real-time digital connectivity on this immersive platform helps us to bridge the physical distance. Millions of people connect with each other through the video calling on Messenger and Facebook Live to share their moments and ideas. It enables people to feel together even when they are physically apart, also increase the quality time together.

To further expand this feature, Facebook is poised to introduce a new Messenger Rooms concept. This feature allows you to create a room right from Messenger or Facebook and invite anyone to join the video call. Even if the invitees don’t have a Facebook account, they can participate in the video calling. Messenger Rooms will enable a maximum of 50 people’s participation with no time limit. This new feature will also enable you to control who can see and join the conversation. Coupled with other features like Facebook Live and Messenger the new Messenger Room enhances user’s access to the digital world.

Facebook Rooms Video Calling

When you are invited to a Room with your friends or community, you can join the conversation easily from the phone or computer. The Messenger app enables you to play with AR effects like bunny ears, AI-enabled immersive 360 background and convenient mood lighting. Additionally, you can also restrict the people from joining the Room and remove them from a call. All these new features strengthen your hold over privacy as well as ensure your connectivity. Messenger Room feature is rolling out in a few countries this week and we can expect the global rollout in upcoming weeks.

Facebook is also ready to extend the maximum participant’s limit of group voice and video calls on WhatsApp. At present you can connect with up to 4 persons on WhatsApp group calls, this limit will soon be doubled to 8 for everyone. Like earlier all these calls are secure with end-to-end encryption, with the optimum priority to your privacy. This new feature is available in a beta version of the app, with no specific launch date for the extended participants limit. We have to wait until the launching schedule to get access to this new functionality.