Feed Your Brain In New Chess Free Game

Chess is most played indoor game in India, and most Indian choose it in the vacation time. It is the ancient Indian sport and everyone knows about it, every one of them played it once in their lifetime and that’s the value of Chess. I also played it many times and won many times in between my friends and other competitors. I still remember when I had got my first prize in sport and that is for Chess. Later many years I played that for fun and to boost my brain power. 

After its launch on computers it spread everywhere, from the Microsoft’s default games list it played most after the solitaire. It is now available on every gaming platforms as well as smartphones and tablets, and if you are fan of this brain washing game then now it landed on Tizen devices.

The Chess Free is what we call new chess title in Tizen Store, don’t be confuse, its original name is Chess Free and as it named it available free to play without any inside IAP structure. Well, it based on natural sport so you might be familiar with Chess and its rules. I assume, you know every rules on it, or if you don’t know any rules of Chess, then don’t worry first know about how to play it and later start it.

Chess game on Tizen

There are three modes to choose from, easy mode, medium mode and hard mode, each one is more harder than previous mode. For the newbie gamer it is better to start from easy mode, it don’t come on you in every move, but instead gives you some chances to beat your smartphone. In the hard mode you have to show your all brain power to defeat your opponent.

You can play it in single player or multi player mode, in the single player play with smartphone and in multi player mode play with real person as opponent. In both single or multi player you have to become king to win title. The Chess Free game is ready to play on Tizen smartphones. It is absolutely free game and best to test on Samsung Z3 for better performance and lags free experience. You can play it on new Samsung Z2 smartphone without any hiccups or performance issues. It does not need much space on your device so you must try it once.