Fenix 6 Series 9.94 Version Improves Sleep Calculation & Weather Widget

The last software update 9.92 version for Fenix 6 Series brought new sleep calculation or on-device sleep data. Now, in the latest 9.94 release, the company has improved the user experience of the function. The weather widget is another function that received a significant upgrade to get better results. It has also added support for viewing the recovery heart rate from the activity paused menu. Apart from that, there are updated versions for UI for steps, sunrise/sunset, and training status widgets.

Further, Garmin advises users to upgrade to 9.94 version that the previous 9.92 have issues with ANT/BLE software version 6.03. This advice is for Pro models and the other models need not worry. To get better performance, you should install the previous version that is 5.04. Here is what Garmin says about it.

Fenix 6 Series Update

Our 9.92 Beta for Pro models contained ANT/BLE software version 6.03, however, we believe this peripheral software update has included a bug that could lead to phone connection problems or disconnects from sensors/headphones. The 9.94 update folders contain the file needed to backdate the ANT/BLE software from 6.03 to 5.04, which we recommend that you install if you have a Pro model. The instructions for installation provided on the above links remain the same, no additional steps are needed for installing the backdate file.

The update is available for Garmin Fenix 6 series smartwatches. You can download & install on Fenix 6, Fenix 6 Pro, Fenix 6s, Fenix 6s Pro, and Fenix 6x Pro smartwatches. Also, to get smooth performance with ANT/BLE downgrade it to 5.04 version.