Fenix 6 Series Gets Sleep Calculation in 9.92 Update

Garmin is continuously releasing the improved and new versions to the Fenix 6 series smartwatches. Every month, we can count on at least two beta releases for these flagship watches. This time, at the end of May, Garmin has come up with a new 9.92 beta firmware update for all Fenix 6 Series. The software has brought the new on-device Sleep calculation feature to get a deep understanding of your daily sleep. To see your sleep record, you first download & install Sleep widget, and for that, you must be on the Hub 704 version.

It is an essential change for users who always check their sleep data. Now the widget will show your sleep quality in deep, light, REM & Awake. It is an excellent option to improve your sleeping pattern on your watch. To install the updated version, go to Menu – widgets – Edit – +Add & then Sleep. To get the updated Sleep version, you have to be on a 9.92 release. As mentioned on the changelog, it has improved the user interface of heart rate, training status, intensity minutes, and floors climbed widget.

Garmin Fenix 6 Update

Version 9.92 has fixed Powerbeats Pro audio control and the issues where alarm labels were not being translated. Apart from that, to enhance the user experience Garmin has killed known bugs. Recently, Garmin has released GPS version 4.40 to get better results on your smartwatch. The update is now rolling out in patches for Fenix 6 series smartwatches. It is still the beta version, so there may be hiccups while using it, though you can report them with the Garmin team.