Fenix 6 Series Update Pulled Back Due to Serious Issues

At the end of last week, Garmin had released the latest 8.76 beta update for Fenix 6 series & Marq series watches. The new update supposed to bring some stability to the wearables by fixing known Bugs. Now, instead of the improvements, many users are facing some series issues with the Fenix 6 series & Marq series. The bugs are as severe as some users witness that their watch is continuously restarting. It is the reason the company has decided to pull back the 8.76 beta version and told users to install the previous 8.75 version.

It is the beta version, so we understand some minor issues with features, but it is beyond control. After the update, users enable the manual reading of the Pulse OX with Pulse OX widget, and it is also causing to restart the smartwatch. It is also happening with training status widget & hydration widget, where training status is not providing any values, and hydration widget doesn’t respond. Some other bugs slow down the performance of the Fenix 6 series devices.

Garmin Fenix 6 Series Update

In the official statement, Garmin says, “We apologize for the amount of issues you faced over the weekend. We have since removed 8.76 and have replaced every link below with 8.75 if you wish to backdate to the previous beta (or public release).” If you haven’t updated the 8.76 beta version, then you should wait for another stable version of it. And if you have already installed the new version, then as the company said to go back to the previous version or stable 8.10 version.