Find Meanings Of English Words With Oxford Dictionary on Tizen

English is one of the most used language in world and more than half of the population speaks English in their everyday use. There are many countries or states in world who has English as their native language. It is easy to them to speak English fluently without any problems. But for the person who don’t have English their primary language for them it is very difficult to understand. 

Many countries in world don’t speak English in any way, but in this internet era we have to learn at least one international language for our better knowledge. And I think English is best and easy language to learn and speak. To help such users who are willing to learn English Oxford University has launched their own Oxford Dictionary. It gives you meaning of each and every words of English with the brief description.

It is Oxford Advance Learner’s Dictionary, 8th Edition and created by Oxford University Press. The Oxford Dictionary is much means to basic users who want to learn English.

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It will help them to find out meaning of every English words with description and the synonymous words of it. You can also hear pronunciation of every words in its exact voice. User can listen voice of American or British English in easy pronunciations of more than 1,60, 000 words.

Oxford Dictionary on Tizen

It also gives you example sentences and pictures of some words for better understanding. For those users whose English is very weak and they don’t know exact spelling of any word then they can use Do You Mean..? feature in dictionary. To know the opposite meaning of word, hit the search bar or find it from special thesaurus.

You can create favorite list of your most used words, or search your most used 100 words from the history. There are also some handful features inside it to learn more English language with the easy understanding. No matter what language you prefer, Oxford Dictionary will teach you and give all the meanins of English words.

The Oxford Dictionary has more than 1,84,500 words and their meaning sentences. This Dictionary is now available in Tizen Store and it don’t take much space on your device. For the Bengali users, Bengali Dictionary is already available in store, now if you want to learn English then you can use Oxford Dictionary. If you found this article helpful then don’t forget to share it with your other friends. The Oxford directory is fully supported on new Samsung Tizen models. I think it is best dictionary to learn new words everyday.