Find Unknown Numbers With Truecaller App On Tizen Phones

Daily we have been receiving many calls from our loved ones and in that some calls are from unknown numbers. It is very difficult to find out who is calling us and his exact status. In that situation we had two options, either pickup the call to know who is calling or disconnect the call without knowing who is on other side. In that situation one new app Truecaller can help you, it is the online phone book for Tizen phones that will tell you much about caller. It is available for Android and other platforms and now landed in Tizen Store with the all original features. Now it had became first source to find out unknown calling numbers from all across the world.

The Truecaller app is must use app for female users that everyday they faces or they have to accepts many unknown numbers, but now with the app your phone will tell you everything about unknown calls right on your screen. Company said they have replaced more than one billion traditional phone books with their digital phone book which has information about unknown calls. It gives ability to users to find out any numbers from local or across the world. To get all the benefits of Truecaller, first you need to sign up to their account, if you already have one account then login from your device.


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It needs continues internet connection on your smartphone, 3G is much better or your can use Wi-Fi network for better and faster service. Also note that it will show only those numbers which are in their phone book, else they will not give any information if users hadn’t signed up to their account. The Truecaller app is now available in Tizen Store and supports for both smartphones.

Another version of Truecaller, known as Truedialer is launched in Tizen Store. Truedialer is also the official version released by Truecaller team so you can use it. The Truecaller app is very popular in India and you will get almost all phone number details on the app. It is the perfect app to find out more about unknown number. The Truecaller app is available for free on Samsung Z4, Samsung Z2 & other Tizen smartphones. Go to Tizen Store and install it on your smartphone.