First Galaxy Watch 3 Update Unlocks Blood Oxygen & VO2 Max

Just After the launch of Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung has rolled out one of the major updates for the watch. These days, Samsung is really fast and acknowledged its devices. On the same launch day, Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra has received the first software update, which had happened with Galaxy S20 & Galaxy Buds Plus. The first update for Galaxy Watch 3 brings Blood Oxygen, Sleep Score & Vo2 Max functions, thanks to the SamMobile for the news which have a review product. All these features were mentioned in the launch event, so it makes sense to open it for users.

The Blood Oxygen level or in other words SpO2 is necessary to check how your respiratory system transfer oxygen to the bloodstream. VO2 Max is another essential tool for fitness-centric users. It checks how much oxygen you utilize during the exercise to improve your endurance. If you have used Garmin smartwatches, then you may know the VO2 Max feature. And there is Sleep Score, to examine your sleep. Samsung claims it has partnered with the medical company to check your sleep pattern, and guide you on how to get quality sleep.

First Galaxy Watch 3 Update

Finally, the company promises Galaxy Watch 3 will now provide you better results in the running and give you insights. Samsung still has to activate ECG & fall detection in other regions, except South Korea. For now, South Korea is the only country where users can use ECG & blood pressure features. For the Galaxy Watch 3 users, the new R840XXU1BTG6 firmware is available in the Galaxy Wearable app. The 80MB software will release in all the available markets in the coming weeks.