First Images of AirPods 3 earbuds Leaked Online

We all wait for the new Apple products desperately and they never fail to disappoint us be it their phones, smart wearables, or even their wireless Air buds. Finally, according to sources, Apple will be launching it’s truly wireless earbud series the Apple Air Pod 3 and AirPods Pro 2 simultaneously supposedly in the first half of 2021 (tentatively March 2021).

Everyone will be looking forward to this news to be true in the next Apple event “One More Thing” that is scheduled for November 10. These third-generation AirPods are reportedly having similar features to the predecessor AirPods pro that has a noise cancellation feature. Though we are unsure that the new audio gear will be having the same feature or not but the design will be more or less the same.

Apple AirPods 3

There will also probably be cool updates like an adjustable light sensor for accurate fitness monitoring and to have a sensor that will automatically reduce or pause the music or volume if there is any dangerous situation detected. This feature can also be helpful while walking on the road as the volume would reduce while crossing the road automatically.

The design would be sleeker and will have silicon ear tips for better comfort, rumoured to also include the futuristic air gesture feature in it as well. With extended battery life, this product is something we are definitely looking forward to.

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