First Look of OnePlus 9 Pro Leaked

Finally, OnePlus lovers, the first look of the OnePlus 9 Pro has been revealed. The focus of the phone is yet again on its looks and features. As per the leaked images, the phone ditched the flat look that was being expected and choose to go with a curved display just like its predecessor OnePlus 8 Pro. Though the look is just at the prototyping stage and can change in due course, it showcases a large display screen of nearly 6.7-inch and has a single punch-hole selfie camera in the top left side of the phone giving it a sleek look.

The rear camera space is rectangular on the left side of the phone and we believe it could house 4 cameras for the Pro version while the OnePlus 9 will be having 3 cameras. The smartphone will also be slightly smaller than the pro version having a display of 6.55-inch, making it easy to hold and more convenient to keep. Further, it is also said the phones will feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 875 chipset with a refresh rate of 144Hz giving a very smooth working of the device.

OnePlus 9 Pro Image

It is like a mixture of 8T and 8T Pro but more advanced and better upgraded. It could be their signature Alert Slider on the right with the power button and volume buttons on the left. The back is made of matt glass with a metal frame and similar to Galaxy Note 20 Ultra the two primary cameras would be a metal ring around it.

Upgrading its camera sensors as well they might opt for a macro camera replacing the older Colour Filter camera and using a USB-C port like its previous versions. We are also expecting 65W wired charging 30W wireless charging in the Pro version at least. The phone would launch in its regular launch month that is in March.