First OnePlus Watch Update Focuses on Essential Features

The Chinese company OnePlus revealed its first watch last month in the global market. It got mixed reviews from the tech experts and some of them are not in the favor of the company. Some of those essential functions that should have come up to mark on the launching have now been fixed in the first major update. The company has released the first software update for the OnePlus Watch with improvements, fixes, and new features. It enhances GPS performance, the accuracy of various workouts like running & walking, and heart rate monitoring.

The update also improves the notification syncing algorithm that will receive all the incoming notifications within a second when you receive a new one. Further, it gets new notifications app icons for the most frequently used apps. This way, users can open the apps on the OnePlus Watch. Finally, the OnePlus has fixed some know issues to enhance the quality of its first smartwatch. This is version B.40 from the company for its customers. The new software version is now rolling out in the US & Canada with the promise of a global rollout in the coming days.

First OnePlus Watch Update

It’s not all. OnePlsu has promised to launch the next update with even more features. The camera remote control will come to the OnePlus Watch in the next version. Initially, the camera controller will available for Android smartphones, and then for iOS devices. Also, the upcoming firmware will bring always-on display, 12-hour time format, and AI watch faces.