Fitbit Charge 4 Gets Dynamic GPS, Smart Wake & Screen Timeout Features

The first major update for Fitbit Charge 4 has brought three of the significant features. Fitbit has released dynamic GPS, screen time out & smart wake functions to the activity tracker that probably makes it more advanced. Charge 4 has previously received a few firmware updates, but only to squash some bugs and to enhance the capability. In the fitness tracker, all these functions are counts in the advance movement. The dynamic GPS allows users to get access to the GPS of paired smartphones when the tracker is near to the phone.

The dynamic GPS is quite a useful function to save battery life. When you activate it, then Charge 4 will automatically switch to paired smartphone’s GPS instead of the internal GPS. This way, users can save the battery life of the wearable with some percentage. Again, when the phone is far from Charge 4, then it switches to internal GPS, which causes some additional battery life. The other notable function Smart wake works with the sleep tracker and set the alarm. It awakes you when the tracker thinks you have rested enough.

First Fitbit Charge 4 Update

There is also an additional setting that lets you set the screen time out for the display. All the major wearables like Galaxy Watch, Apple watch, Amazfit GTR, Mi Band 5, and Garmin Fenix 6 has screen time out option. The function is useful when you are doing an extreme type of yoga or other fitness activity and want to see the display. The software version 1.96.29 is now available to install on the Fitbit Charge 4.