Fitbit OS 4.1 Comes With Enhanced Features

Fitbit has today announced to release the latest Fitbit OS 4.1 software update for its Versa & Ionic series smartwatches. After the acquisition of Fitbit by Google, it is the first big news coming from the company. The latest software has dispatched to enhance the quality of existing features and inherit some Versa 2 smartwatch features on original Versa & Ionic smartwatches. It has improved heart rate algorithm, sleep monitoring, and Alexa support. The Always-on Display mode has now made way to the Versa 2.

The Smart Wake feature can wake you up from sleep when it is the correct time in the morning. The company says it will reduce the hassles to get up in the morning as well as the new sleep track data is now available on the watch. Previously, the users have to use their paired smartphones to get the daily sleep score, and now Fitbit made possible all the sleep tracking data inside the watch.

Fitbit Versa 2 Update

Some improvements have come to Fitbit Versa 2. With the launch, Versa 2 has received many new features and now the company is improving those features. Versa 2 gets an improved heart rate algorithm that uses machine learning to provide accurate data about the user’s health. Recently, the company has launched a Spotify music app for older Versa, Versa Lite & Ionic wearables. Now this update gives more meaning to the older devices. The latest software will soon release in all the countries.