Fitbit Releases Massive Update for Charge 4 & Coach App

The major or one of the most essential updates is heading for the Fitbit Charge 4 fitness tracker and Fitbit Coach app. Further, the company has launched blood glucose tracking and more features for non-premium users. For the Charge 4, there is now a dedicated SpO2 tracking watch face and the ability to check skin temperature. Previously, users have to open the Fitbit app to see the blood oxygen results, and now they can track it from the fitness tracker. It makes it easy for users to track it without digging it inside the sleep section.

The Skin temperature feature that was exclusive for the Fitbit Sense has now left its exclusive status for Charge 4. The better improvements for the Health metrics also came to the new smart band. The Health Metrics dashboard is now available to view on Fitbit Versa 2, Charge 4 & Inspire 2 wearables. Even the free users or no premium Coach users can see the health metrics on their devices. They can view breathing patterns in sleep, resting heart rate & heart rate variability data of a week.

Massive Update Fitbit Charge 4

Finally, blood glucose tracking is part of the companion app, and the users can track blood glucose in the body. At this moment, none of the Fitbit devices are capable of measure blood glucose, so as per the Wearable, you can use a dedicated glucose meter. You can set high & low ranges for the changing pattern and track it daily. The users in the US, Canada & New Zealand can use ECG on Fitbit Sense. The latest firmware is rolling out in stage, and you can check it manually from the Fitbit app.