Fitbit Starts Blood Pressure Trial on Fitbit Sense

The long waiting blood pressure measurement trial of Fitbit has now started for Fitbit wearables. The first smartwatch to get the trial is the new Fitbit Sense. The function in the news since the company hinted about its presence on the new watch. The trial will start via Fitbit Lab, and it will observe Pulse Arrival Time (PAT). The PAT is a measurement that looks at how quickly blood reaches the wrist when the heart gives the command. The Fitbit claims, its new measurement technology will allow users to take the results without synchronizing them with blood pressure equipment.

The rival company Samsung has also introduced BP monitoring on its two major smartwatches – Galaxy Watch 3 & Galaxy Watch Active 2. Both the devices require a dedicated BP monitoring tool and cuff validation. It is what Fitbit wants to avoid in the first place. Fitbit says it will look for users’ daily behavior like eating, taking shower, meditating, and many other aspects. The company wants to focus on the user’s potential link to track the BP. The Chinese company Huami is also preparing the same non-cuff validation technology to introduce on their upcoming premium Amazfit lineup.

BP on Fitbit Sense

Right now, Fitbit Sense users in the US can take part in the BP tracking trial. It will conduct the data and enhance it when the global rollout starts. Fitbit has started the trial last year with limited people. Now, it has expanded it for a massive number of people. The new BP function will help many users to track their health, as very few people check it regularly. After the Fitbit Sense, the feature might come to the next Fitbit Versa 4 & Fitbit Sense 2 wearables.