Fitbit Unveiled New Low Priced Fitness Trackers

Fitbit has launched three new fitness trackers which offers a great deal for the customers as they are low priced and packed with essential fitness features. The competitive and expanding wearables market forces the Fitbit to offernew products for the customers within budget friendly range. Fitbit aims to gather the customer base in this thriving market with these lucrative products and compete with the main rivals such as Samsung. With these low cost devices Fitbit can capture the extremely specific customer base which is untapped yet by the veteran companies in the wearables segment.

The latest devices revealed by the US based company are Fitbit Inspire, Inspire HR and Fitbit Ace 2. Though Inspire and Inspire HR are not entirely new because they have already made their debut in January for company’s corporate and health system partners. Right now these devices are available for everyone from official US e-store and from several other retailers across the North America. These three devices are priced as, Inspire for $70, Inspire HR for$100 and Ace 2 for $70 respectively. The Inspire HR includes additional features as compared to Inspire, such as improved heart rate monitor and sleep stages information system. That is the reason why you have to pay extra $30 for the device.

Fitbit Trackers

Obviously, Inspire HR as it’s name suggests accommodates several crucial health parameters related to heart. It has integrated heart rate monitoring system that enables 24/7 tracking of the heart and provies sleep stages information as well as guided breathing session, real-time pace and distance with the help your phone GPS. Inspire HR has global based exercise models and this it’s exclusive feature. For those who are interested in effective heart monitoring Inspire HR is the natural choice.

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Fitbit Ace 2 is the another one in this list with new design and kids-friendly features. It comes with swimproof design and five days long battery life. But you have to wait until summer to get this model. Fitbit app has received major redesigning which will come soon to Android and iOS for all the company’s wearables to make it easy for content review of your progress. All these three trackers expand your choices to make selection according to your requirements.