Fitness App Strava Launched On Samsung Galaxy Watch

The popular fitness app Strava: Run, Walk or Ride is now available for Samsung Galaxy Watch users. The app is well known for its accurate results while doing the workouts and it provides excellent tips on health and fitness. With the use of app, you can track your walk, run, cycling activities and workout sessions. This Strava app gives many features for all the workout trainings and you can perform them in your home without taking any help of professional trainers. It is the main rival fitness app to the Runtastic and S Health apps.

It is easy to track your distance, space, speed, gained & burned calories while the workout. The app will allow you to set monthly goals on your smartwatch and motivate to works towards it. The Strava will day by day track your performance and show you month results. It will also guide you in the journey to put you fit and healthy. In the monthly challenge you can compete with other athletes or your friends and see the actual results.

Strava on Galaxy Watch

It has lots of content for indoor as well as outdoor activities. The app will show you route and maps for your outdoor activity by using inbuilt GPS network. It has special feature where it will allow you to connect your smartwatch with your bike to track your riding. You can also share your daily workout data with your friends or other users.

The Strava: Run, Walk or Ride app is also support on other Samsung wearables. The supported smartwatches are Samsung Gear S3, Gear Sport and Gear S2 as well as Gear Fit2 Pro fitness tracker. To connect Strava app with the Samsung wearable go to strava’s official website and sign up with your email or Facebook account. The app is available in Galaxy App Store on the all supported wearables. You can ask us any question if you find difficulty while connecting the app with Samsung wearable.