For The Latest Recipes Get Help Of Cooking Mania App

The new recipe app Cooking Mania is on Tizen to just help you in your kitchen. There are many users who have hobbies to cook different foods. They makes different kinds of foods everyday and enjoys them. Women are most likely loves to cook delicious foods and I think no one can compete with them in this section. For those women or any other users who likes to make their own food then this app is very helpful.

In this world everything comes to online so why not cooking apps. They also posts different kinds of recipes and how to make them. Thanks to internet for making available new recipes online so we can cook food of other countries.

The Cooking Mania is one of that kind of app which gives you formulas of many dishes of different countries. There are so many dishes added in the app that you have to search them by alphabetically or by search menu option. If you love Italian dishes then yes, you have the recipes of Italy or why not you try Chinese food in the dinner.


The app is made by Indian developer, that means there are more dishes from India. You will get every Indian foods and their formulas with the right taste. Well, I hadn’t cooked any of these recipes but you can try and taste yourself. In the easy steps you can get all the information about ingredients to use in dishes with the clear pictures so you could understand them better.

Many Tizen users gave it 5 stars from its launch date that means you can trust Cooking Mania app. I am very lazy to cook my own food, but if you love to cooking or you have that hobby then it is best app. The Cooking Mania app is now available in store for free. The app works on all devices and you must use it everyday to make delicious foods.