Fossil Gen 5E Lineup is the New Wear OS Watches at Cheap Prices

In a peace, without telling anyone, Fossil has quietly introduced Gen 5E series watches on its website. It is a bit surprising from the major Wear OS-powered watch producer to launch new products without a press release. The Fossil Gen 5E lineup is an affordable watch range of current Gen 5 smartwatches. These are the leaked devices that we have seen on the FCC website with their model number. These 4 devices appeared on the FCC website, and later on the Bluetooth SIG site, however, the website shows seven new Gen 5E watches.

In the new series, 4 are 42mm case and 3 are 44mm case. All the watches run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 chipset. It is too old to launch new gadgets with Snapdragon 3100 processor instead of Snapdragon 4100. It is fair that to reduce the price they settle with an older processor. It is not the only function the company cut, you will not get in-built GPS, three physical buttons, and a larger screen. Those three buttons you will not see on the right side, now only one physical button is there.

Fossil Gen 5E

All the wearables offer 4GB of internal storage space to save offline music. The fifth-gen devices have 8GB storage, and the affordable series gets half of them. The good thing is, there is Wear OS by Google services on the watch. You can get Google Pay, Google Fit, Google Assistant, and Play Store. All the watches go on sale for $50 less amount than Gen 5. The pre-order for Fossil Gen 5E has started on the official website with the delivery date in November.