Future Apple Watches will Detect Drowning & Call For Help

Apple is advancing its Apple Watches with future proof technologies. As we already know, the next Apple Watch Series 6 would get Touch ID, blood oxygen level, mental health tracking, kids mode, sleep tracking, and ceramic-rich plastic composite material are few of them. Now to take Apple Watch to the new heights, Apple has filed a new patent that will help users underwater. It is not what you think, and the watch already knows when you are wet and for how long there will be rain. The new patent will alert when suddenly the user drowning and the smartwatch will call for help.

The patent filed on April 14, proposed new sensors in an Apple Watch to detect the water’s presence, volume, and toxicity. The report reveals the first test was taken into the light shower. The experiment was to differentiate light water and a user falling in into the sea from the ship. Also, in which sea, the person has fallen. It will also take the help of a calendar and tells when the customer has planned a scuba diving to check whether the water is safe to dive.

New Apple Watch Patent

The other sensors are in work will defend the watch from the biomatter that, if detected, gives the warning to avoid entering into the body, leaves the body when already entered. There is also another sensor to detect the chemicals into the water. These features will take some time to introduce on Apple Watch. The next Apple Watch Series 6 may not come with these functions, but we can bait on later Apple Watches.