Future Galaxy And Gear Devices Would Made With Metal 12 Magnesium Alloy

Samsung is the most trending company at the moment who is capable to hold the first position of any kind of market. That’s why the company is searching the special material to set a new trademark for market and that special material is ‘Metal 12’ magnesium alloy. The ‘Metal 12’ magnesium alloy is specially invented to make all the gadgets lightweight and durable including smartphones, laptops, electronics and wearables. In Samsung’s upcoming device Notebook 9, Metal 12 is already getting used to decrease its weight. Notebook 9’s weight is just 995g according to 13.3-inch model and the 15.6-inch model’s weight is just 300 heavier than 13.3-inch model.

A couple of years ago, Galaxy S series fans would have known Galaxy S7’s rumour that Galaxy S7 would get a magnesium alloy chassis but the final launched product is not like that rumour. But now upcoming Metal 12 Trademark is indicating us that the rumour is going to happen as early as possible, not for S7 but for future devices.

Samsung Metal 12

The trademark application was filed with European Union Intellectual Property Office to protect the Metal 12. Galaxy S9 will be available at stores by March end or April and it will get announced in February. Consumers can expect that Bixby AI assistant feature is available in Galaxy S9 for making the interface easier to navigate easily for new users.

Samsung is introducing Metal 12 to all of us as a durable & strong technology with light weight. This new Metal 12 material can boost the portability of any device due to its lightweight property. What do you think about this new Metal 12 magnesium alloy technology? Do you think this technology is affordable to all and is this better than earlier technology?