Future Smartwatches might Charge with Your Movement

Imagine having a smartwatch that recharges itself and doesn’t even harm the environment in the process. Seems like a dream right? What if I tell you this dream might soon come true. According to a South China Morning Post report, researchers in Hong Kong are developing a new technology that will power your smartwatch by your physical movement. This will require you to have an energy harvester that has a magnetic frequency converter that will boost the output by 10 times to 1.74mW in return.

Even the movement of your arms and body will charge up your smartwatch enough that you can easily use the heart rate monitor sensor. The more movement you have the more power you generate. It moves along the lines of power in your hands literally, you don’t even have to remove your watch anytime it will be that convenient.

Future Smartwatch Concept

The size of the harvester won’t a problem as it will be only 0.3 square inches in size hence adding to your comfort. This new technology will help us be more alert and mindful of our environment and we as users of this smartwatch can do our bit to help protect the environment by eliminating the need for batteries and electricity.

The watch will be more affordable as it will have simple features as it won’t require any complex structure to work on. With a good workout and movements, you will charge the watch enough that you can track your sleep and health 24/7. There is no confirmed date as to when this type of smartwatch will come into the market but this is surely something we should get our hands onto.