G Translator Pro App Now Free For Limited Time

The language translation app G Translator Pro app is now available for free in Tizen Store for limited time. It is one effective key major app for those users who face language problem or want to know some basics of other or unknown languages. This app also has availability of its free application in the store with few functions. But now users can take key of paid app for free from the store. The G Translator Pro app is free only for some period of time and it would be better to get it before it goes on its original price, that is Rs. 200 (approximately $2.99).

The G Translator Pro uses API of Google app, that’s why it is most trusted and most recommended language translation app into the store. It is highly comparable to the Google Translator in every corner. Users can search any kind of words from third dictionary or can search all the unknown words. It supports 105 famous languages throughout the world.

The main languages supports are English, French, Italian, Hindi, Hebrew, Mandarin, Japanese, German, Korean, Arabic, Bangladeshi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, kannada, Malayalam and many more.

G Translator Pro

To use G Translator Pro just type the word on clipboard and it will translate it into the other language word. It also supports complex sentences but there may be some errors can occupy due to the logical errors. For example if you write whole sentences onto the clipboard then there are chances that you will get 70% to 80% accuracy.

The G Translator Pro app is now available in Tizen Store and for the limited time you can get it without a price. The offer is for few days so you better download it now if you want one good translation app on your device. It is also helpful for those users who roam outside the country. Or in the country like India it is very useful when you enter into the other state where you have to speak their native language.