Galaxy Buds 2 Receives New Features in First Update

The Galaxy Buds 2 is Samsung’s latest earbuds with advanced features but in the budget price segment. The company launched it along with other flagship Galaxy smartphones and watches. Without any delay, Samsung put it on sale, and now, it is available in the major countries. Now, Samsung took one step further and released the first major update for the new Galaxy Buds 2. The latest firmware will bring some of the essential functions for the earbuds, which were missed while launching. After the installation, the users can now activate Ambient Sound during calls.

In the Active Noise Cancelling function, Samsung has added two new options. Users can control the noise of only one earbud instead of both. On the Galaxy Buds Pro, there wasn’t this option, but the new earbuds have received it. Further in ANC, users can customize the listening of Ambient mode. The Lab section has also received a new option. It allows users to double-tap the edge of earbuds. The function was first introduced on Galaxy Buds+ and later brought to Buds Pro. Now, the company has decided to launch it on the Buds 2, even when the size of the earbud is small.

First Galaxy Buds 2 Update

Finally, the company has squashed minor bugs to enhance the overall quality and provide more stability. The firmware version R177XXU0AUH2 is now rolling out for Galaxy Buds 2. The update is rolling out in South Korea, and it is 2.97MB in size. In a matter of time, it may reach the customers who have purchased the new earbuds.