Galaxy Buds Beyond to launch Along with Galaxy S21

Samsung may indeed again launch their Galaxy Buds with that might go with the name of Galaxy Buds Beyond with their Galaxy S21 that will soon launch into the market. Previously, the company had launched its Galaxy Buds Live and Buds Plus a few months back this year. Everyone is waiting for the upcoming special Unpacked event coming next year in January instead of February. Where it will tell us more about the latest devices, and the specifications they are planning to bring for us in the coming time.

Galaxy Buds Live was launched with the Galaxy S20 series previously and was completely different from its predecessor that was the Galaxy Buds+ which was launched 6 months prior. It was the companies first ever Active Noise Cancellation earbuds and improved sound quality. The new earbuds that are going to be announced will probably be having the same in-ear design as the predecessor.

Galaxy Buds Beyond News

We expect an upgraded ambient sound system and have much better sound quality in the newest earbuds. The ambient sound feature will allow external noise to come in keeping you alert about your surroundings and more careful. The colors are likely to be similar to the previous versions and the battery life might also remain unchanged compared to the excellent battery of Galaxy Buds Live.

The price we feel will be less than $200 and slightly higher than other versions as it is coming with ANC features and some mysterious features as well. Let’s wait and watch what the company will offer us this time around.