Galaxy Buds+ Now Available in Pink Color

After the launch of Galaxy Buds+ in Red color, Samsung has introduced a new Pink color option. The pink color is prevalent in between women, so right after Women’s Day, the company has launched Galaxy Buds+ Pink color version in the market. The Pink color variants are first seeing the home market of Samsung, which is also getting a Red color option for the first time in the open market. The four colors, White, Red, Black & Blue, are already available in the other regions, and soon, they may get Pink color.

Apart from the skin, there is no difference in the functions or price. South Korean users can buy the Pink color model for 179,300 won with some free services. In South Korea, customers can purchase the earbuds from Samsung’s official website, Samsung Digital Plaza, Hi-Mart, and 11th Street. It is also available to buy offline from Samsung Digital Plaza in most of the cities, where you can experience the Buds Plus earbuds and make a decision to purchase.

Galaxy Buds+ Pink Version

First-generation Samsung Galaxy Buds launched without the Pink color, but they had received Yellow variants. There are a possibility Galaxy Buds+ probably gets a Yellow color option soon. Recently, the company has fixed the white noise issue of Buds+ in its first firmware update along with other problems. The Galaxy Buds+ offers 11 hours battery life, and the charging case provides 22 hours battery backup. The sound quality is also better than its predecessor. It now also has two external microphones that help to improve call quality.