Galaxy Fold 2 Could Available in Store After August Launch

The recent report from the display industry insider Ross Young mentions that Samsung’s foldable won’t be available from early August. According to the previous rumors, we know that Samsung expected to launch Galaxy Fold 2 in August along with the Galaxy Note 20 series. Further reports claim that the Galaxy Z Flip will also be unveiled on the same date. However, the recent information from Ross Young claims that Samsung will start the production in August and the foldable may be available from late August or early September.

Ross Young’s report also mentions a probable reason for the delay. It highlights ultra-thin glass UTG technology and volume constraints as the main reason. Samsung will bring innovative technology in its upcoming foldable smartphones. Galaxy Fold 2 will feature various top-end features like the Galaxy S20 series. The device is in rumors for a long time and may get various upgraded features over its predecessor version.

Galaxy Fold 2 Launch Date

Galaxy Fold 2 Launch Date

Recent leaks suggested that the Galaxy Fold 2 will get a larger display as compared to its predecessor. Further, the most important change to the device is Samsung planning to skip the S Pen option for it. The probable reason behind this strategic decision is some sort of technical limitations. The foldable will come with a 7.7 inches display panel on the interior side and the 6.23 inches external cover.

Like the Galaxy S20 series, the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 will also feature a 120Hz refresh rate display panel on the interior side. The outer display may come with a 60Hz refresh rate capability. Further, the camera module for the device is also the same as the Galaxy S20 series. Obviously, the larger display, upgraded camera system, and the ditch to S Pen are the important changes to the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2. Although the Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip are expected to launch on 5th August, users have to wait a while for their availability.