Galaxy Fold Delay Affects Foldable Panel Industry

The market research firm IHS Markit reports that the delayed launching of foldable smartphones will impact the sales volume of foldable smartphone panels. As the foldable smartphones launching date of two leading companies, Samsung and Huawei, have postponed. The sale volume of foldable smartphone panels will be short as expected earlier. In a display conference held in Seoul on June 20, a researcher at the firm highlighted that the expected sale of foldable panels is being adjusted to 1 million from the earlier 1.5 million.

In the previous report, IHS Markit has mentioned that till 2021 shipments of foldable smartphone panels will reach 17 million units. Now the delay in Galaxy Fold & Mate X makes it difficult. Previously, Samsung produced its first foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold and scheduled release in April in the US market. However, the device faced screen breaking issues at the time of review by developers. This unexpected issue leads Samsung to postpone the launching of the invention, yet there is no fixed schedule for launching the smartphone.

Huawei also delayed the release of its foldable device Mate X due to sanctions imposed by the US government as well as for further upgrades. Huawei learned the lesson from Samsung’s issue and subjected its foldable device for new tests.

Galaxy Fold

Although there is no official launching schedule by Samsung, the statement from company officials and rumors suggests the launching event will hold in July. That makes it clear that customers may be soon able to get the first foldable smartphone.

It also predicts that improved Galaxy Fold will eventually launch before the release of Galaxy Note 10, probably scheduled to release in the second week of August this year.

The delayed launching schedule by the two major companies may affect the sale volume of foldable panels. However, there is news that after fixing the issue of screen flickering Samsung is ready to launch Galaxy Fold very soon.

For the Huawei Mate X, customers have to wait until September, as the company postponed the launching date to September to get enough time for the perfect device.