Galaxy Fold gets Optimized Apps, Traha is Exclusive Game

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold in South Korea and working with Google and Android developers for the seamless foldable experience on the device. Nexon’s ‘Traha’ will be the first exclusive game for the Galaxy Fold and it will utilize phone configurations to create a gaming ecosystem. Earlier Samsung and Nexon shared some images of Traha for Galaxy Fold, it is the MMORPG game for smartphones. Galaxy Fold’s amazing foldable screen and the advanced technology may take user experience to the next level.

Since the introduction of the Infinity Flex display at SDC 2018, Samsung and Google are co-working to test and verify that their apps are optimized for Galaxy Fold. Additionally, Google offered some changes with Android 10 in order to offer improved resizable activity, multi-resume functionality and updated Android Emulator that support multiple display type switching. These are the company’s efforts to give the ultimate user experience.

Galaxy Fold Apps

Galaxy Fold comes with 7.3 inches Dynamic AMOLED display and 4.6 inches Super AMOLED cover display. The App Continuity feature and Multi-Active Window feature on the device enable users to browse, watch and multitask. Thanks to the App Continuity feature, you can switch seamlessly from cover display to the main display and operate multiple applications at the same time. The Spotify, Twitter, Microsoft apps, Google apps, iHeartMedia, Amazon Prime Video and several other apps will take benefits of the App Continuity feature.

Samsung says that various apps are optimized for the Galaxy Fold and all the optimized apps are available in Play Store. After several delays, Samsung officially announced the device and available for sale in South Korea. As the Traha is an exclusive game for the device, it is also available to download for S. Korean users.