Galaxy Fold & Huawei Mate X, Both Takes Longer Time to Release

Samsung is working hard to fix the issues faced by its first foldable smartphone, Galaxy Fold. It was set to launch in April, but the device faced problems of screen breaking and hardware stabilization at the time device was available for the reviewers and developers. However, now Samsung has managed to solve the issues that emerged during the review process. Both the problem of the screen, as well as the gap wherefrom dust entered under the crease.

It predicted that Samsung would launch the Galaxy Fold next month to beat Huawei’s Mate X. But Huawei has postponed the launching date of its foldable smartphone to September. It is a strategic decision by the company as it gets extra time to conduct more tests on the device. Huawei has already placed under sanctions by the US government, and now it becomes more cautious in launching its foldable smartphone. And it has the example of Samsung Galaxy Fold which broken while under testing by reviewers.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Some of the recent reports suggested that Samsung will launch an improved Galaxy Fold in July, but still, there is no official statement about the launch date. The latest announcement by the company makes it clear that there is a rare possibility that the device launched in July. It is clear from the statement of a company official who said that the company doesn’t have the schedule about media briefing and launching date of the device. Although problems have fixed, there is little progress on the front of the release date of the Galaxy Fold.

Huawei planned to launch its foldable device in September, and there is yet no word from Samsung about launching its smartphone. As Samsung is planning to launch Note 10 in August this year, starting the date of both these devices may be collaborating. Let us hopefully expect the sooner launch of the improved Galaxy Fold.