Galaxy Fold may Release in July, With Exclusive Game ‘Traha’

There is no official statement from Samsung for the release date of the first foldable phone. But now news coming from South Korea claiming Samsung is planning to launch Galaxy Fold in July 2019, this has been quoted by a Samsung executive. Reports that Galaxy Fold may be released in August are now sidelined by this latest statement of a Samsung executive. This news has been confirmed by a Korean publisher NewsTomato, who quoted the head of the IM division of Samsung Electronics.

We also have news that Samsung and Nexon are working on the exclusive game for Galaxy Fold to use the phone’s hardware & software at the customer’s benefit. The Nexon’s massive hit game ‘Traha’ will be the first exclusive foldable game for Galaxy Fold. Traha is MMORPG game for mobile devices & it is currently available to download in South Korea. Previously, on May 17, Samsung & Nexon had shared some images of ‘Traha’ for Fold device and announced to give free coupons for the first few customers but later removed for some reason. Now the Galaxy Fold has taken too much time to release so we may see the game on the Fold on its launch date.

Galaxy Fold

According to a Max Weinbach, a Samsung leaker, we can get information that the company is going to launch a device in July. Originally the device was planned to launch on 26th May in the US, but the date was postponed due to screen issues in the review process. After the screen breaking issue, Samsung has postponed the launching date without giving any fix date and focused on the improvement of the Galaxy Fold.

In order to raise the quality of the product, the company inserted the Galaxy Fold shield into the main body and minimized exposure of the folded area. Earlier, Samsung informed customers about the cancellation of pre-orders in case they failed to ship the device before 31st May. Whereas those who can wait for the next announcement had the option to keep their orders continue. Best Buy has already canceled all pre-orders due to unpredictability in launching date of the device.

Whereas the launching was planned in June, but the process of stabilization work was longer than planned. Now we have news that Galaxy Fold will be probably launched in July. We can expect that Samsung may release the device in South Korea before it’s an international release.