Galaxy Fold Pre-orders started in More Countries

Samsung has successfully launched Galaxy Fold in South Korea, USA, India & in European countries. Now the foldable phone launches in more countries across the world. The Galaxy Fold hits in Russia, Mexico, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia. In Russia, Galaxy Fold is available for 159,990 Russian Ruble ($2,471). Pre-order it on Samsung’s website and later you can get it by visiting the nearest Samsung Brand Store that you have chosen to pick-up. To buy Galaxy Fold in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait & Bahrain, you can visit Samsung’s official page of UAE or sperate webpage of these countries.

The price for the Fold in these Middle East countries is 7,199 AED ($1960). The pre-order has started & you will get your product after October 17th. The other Middle East country, Saudi Arabia is also getting the pre-orders for the price of 7,349 SAR ($1960). Samsung has also launched the Galaxy Fold in Mexico for $47,999 ($2,455 USD). It is the first South American country to get the Galaxy Fold at this time; later, the company has also planned to introduce it in Brasil in this month.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

In the list of next countries, Malaysian users can pre-order Galaxy Fold on October 9th with the shipping date of October 16th. Poland, Italy, Brasil, Australia & some other European countries might get it on October 18, but there is no official confirmation yet. There is a huge response to the Galaxy Fold so you may hurry to make a pre-order before it goes out of stock. The stocks in South Korea, UK, Germany, India & the US have gone out of sale within a few minutes.

Update: Saudi Arabia is the another country to get the ‘Out of Stock’ sign. All quantities have sold within a few minutes of launching. We will alert you when there is another date for the second sale.