New Galaxy Note 10 & Galaxy S10 Update Solves Fingerprint Issues

Samsung is now rolling out a new software update for Galaxy Note 10 & Galaxy S10 series smartphones to solve the fingerprint issue. The company has pushed 4.2MB of a new software update that upgrades the fingerprint recognition software to prevent any hacks and make it more secure. After the latest update, the fingerprint version will be upgraded to, which is currently It is not part of a regular firmware version so users will get a pop-up notification on their smartphones to install it.

With the new software, Samsung has also instructed users that if they have used any front screen cover then they must delete all the fingerprints. The company recommends to delete all the previous fingerprints and re-register them without a screen cover applied.

Samsung says, “If you’ve used a screen cover, such as silicone cover with a textured surface on the inside, the texture itself may be recognized as a fingerprint that can unlock your phone.”

Note 10 Fingerprint Update

Last week, many customers complained about the Fingerprint issue that they are having on their Galaxy Note 10 & Galaxy S10 series devices. After knowing the problem, Samsung issued a notice to fix it by seeding a new security patch on all these affected devices. As the company promised the new version is currently rolling out in South Korea for Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10e & Galaxy S10 5G. Samsung has promised the fingerprint update will hit into the other countries in next 24 hours.