Galaxy Note 21 may Launch for the Last Time: Report

Samsung Note has already made it to the news with its plans on being closed down. But apparently, we believe that there might be one last addition to the Galaxy Note series eventually next year. The company had released its plans to us earlier this year and it seems that they want to focus on its Z foldable series more. Even its S pen will make an entry to its Galaxy S and Galaxy Z lines rather than Note.

Next year will be the last of the Note series will probably have the name Galaxy Note 21, quite an addition to the year 2021. The addition of the stylus is bringing in a lot of changes in the smartphones as their ultra-thin display needs to be adaptable to the stylus and not cause any burn out in the long run. This means that the company will launch the Note series while doing more research on their foldable series next year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 News

The device will likely launch in the second half of next year as the company chooses to fade out the series rather than abruptly discontinuing it. Though the company hasn’t made any official statement against this, so all eyes are now on the launch event of the Galaxy S21 series that is scheduled in January next year.

The company is planning to launch many foldable devices in the coming year and their Galaxy Z Fold 2 successor is expected to come with an S Pen. Though we are unsure if the Note will be a successor of the Galaxy Note 20 or the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra it will likely resemble them in design. More clarity is expected at the launch event so let us see what lies ahead.