Galaxy S20+ 5G & Buds+ BTS Edition Goes Official

The Galaxy S20 Plus 5G BTS & Buds Plus BTS Editions are now officially announced by the South Korean company. To celebrate the seventh anniversary of the K-Pop giant BTS group, Samsung announced two new products. The products have unpacked with #BTSArmy in South Korea, but the devices will be available in all major countries. As we know, Galaxy S20+ 5G & Buds+ are Samsung’s two new flagship devices praises by many reviewers. Now, the users have one more choice to choose them in a new color option and theme.

Inside, both devices are the same with all the advanced features, but besides, customers will be treated with unique purple color and the brand logo on the camera. Also, there is a heart sign & logo on the Galaxy Buds+ earbuds to spread the love. To match with the purple color of the backside, Samsung made a purple screen that makes the users stand high in the crowd. The new themes & wallpapers have added to the smartphone & earbuds so you could show them to the world. All the themes and wallpapers are free to download.

Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition

The Galaxy S20+ 5G & Galaxy Buds+ BTS Editions are available to purchase on the official Samsung website and the Amazon website. The pre-orders for both devices will start from June 16, and the shipping date is July 9. Samsung hasn’t revealed the prices of these BTS edition products. If you are a fan of the K-Pop star BTS group, then get ready to pre-order it.