Galaxy S22 may Get Advanced Camera with Plenty of New Features

The next Galaxy S22 smartphone is in the rumor mill and its camera is a hot topic. Most of the rumors have been talking about its 200MP camera, and how it will be the most advanced camera sensor on any smartphone. Well, one thing for sure. Samsung is planning to bring one of the advanced camera sensors on its next high-end Galaxy smartphone, Galaxy S22. In the reply of community members, the Camera Manager at Samsung Community has mentioned that the next device will carry a couple of changes to the camera.

In the response to the user, the camera manager has answered that most of the features have mentioned by users are in the reviews, and they will take into consideration in the final stage. It is hard to find which are those features because users have suggested or mentioned a bunch of features in the entire post. Of course, the major breakthrough could be a 200MP camera on Galaxy S22, as it could be the most advanced thing the next Galaxy smartphone could get.

Though the manager has mentioned some of them are rumors, so some of them will not come, or the entire 200MP sensor news is not true. Further, the member has also suggested 4K shooting at 120FPS mode, and that would be a welcome move from Samsung. He has also pointed out Ultra wide-angle sensor is too small to get quality pictures. It would be better if the size is larger for an Ultra wide-angle sensor of around 40MP.

You can read all the mentioned features below or go to the community forum and read the thread.

Galaxy S22 Camera News

1. Gimmick specification there is a rumor that the next generation Galaxy will contain 200 million pixels, please do not do that…What 200 million pixels are in a 108mp sensor that is less than 40 million pixels in actuality…Stop gimmick specs now!

Let’s put in the right sensor.

2.RAWMake sure to support RAW files even in high-pixel mode. This is a must-have feature for photographers. Please consider RAW mode support in all modes of ultra wide, wide, and telephoto RAW is the life of photography.

3. VideoPlease consider shooting 4K 120fps. This is a feature that has been used a lot in other mobile phones. Expect 4K 60fps, QHD 60fps, QHD 120fps, both in HDR and OIS. I also hope that 8K 30fps shooting will be possible for the next generation.

Also consider the Super Steady 4K 60fps, 4k 120fps, QHD 60fps, QHD 120fpsAnd did you throw out the slow-motion? I would like you to take care of slow motion and super slow motion.

4. Ultra wide-angle sensorThe 12 million ultra-wide-angle seems to be too low. Also, the size of the sensor is too small. Expect a larger sensor and an ultra-wide-angle sensor of around 40 megapixels. To support Super Steady 4K, we need an ultra-wide-angle sensor with higher pixels and a large plate shape.

5. Higher pixel telephoto sensor heard that the next generation Galaxy will have a variable 10x zoom module. I look forward to it. In addition, it would be great if it increased from 10 million pixels to 12 million pixels.

Finally, the Camera Manager has promised to update it when some of these features have been confirmed for the next Galaxy S smartphone. We will also inform you when we get the update.

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