Galaxy S9 & Note 9 may Receive One UI 2.5 Update in October

It is now confirmed Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, and Galaxy Note 9 will get the latest One UI 2.5 update. In our last post, we have covered that Samsung is now working on the firmware and soon it will release for these flagship models. Now, we have confirmed news about when the company may dispatch One UI 2.5 for Galaxy S9/S9+ & Galaxy Note 9. Well, it is going to happen in October, at least what the Samsung representative at South Korea says about it. The guy at the Samsung rep has a high reputation for delivering accurate answers in the past so we can bait on him. Previously, he said that the company is working on the firmware and it turned out true.

Further, he mentions the team behind the development of the software has said the progress is in the early stages. Ahead in the final review, it will be more clear which functions will come to the Galaxy S9 duo & Note 9. He clearly stated that both Galaxy S9/S9+ & Galaxy Note 9 will get One UI 2.5 update at the same time or in the same week. Both the smartphones may not get the One UI 3.0 or Android 11 so it is better Samsung is updating them to One UI 2.5 version. Here is the translation of the major part of the answer.

One UI 2.5 Update News
The second inquiry is a question about the timing of the release of firmware with Note9 OneUI2.5. Currently, it is on the same schedule as the S9. As you know through CheckFirm, the progress is now in the early stages of preparing the first SW and starting the inspection. We can answer that we are currently aiming to distribute it to the market within October. However, changes may occur depending on various development and inspection conditions.