Galaxy S9 & Note 9 Won’t Get Bixby Routines in One UI 2.1 Update

As we know, Samsung has scheduled One UI 2.1 update for Galaxy S9, S9+ & Note 9 in June. It is good news that these older devices will taste the newer version, which might be their last major update. Since the confirmation of the One UI 2.1 update, there is hype for which feature will come to these devices and which one will cut off. Now, in the first news, the in-charge of Bixby Routines has declared that the function will not release on Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ & Galaxy Note 9 devices.

It says these 2018’s flagship models are now old, and the function will not support the configuration. He further mentions, till the last moment, he had tried to release the Bixby Routines with One UI 2.1 version but decided that it was unsupported. That means these devices will not get this needy feature on these models that were once premium category smartphones. Here is what Bixby Routines in charge says about the update.

One UI 2.1 Update for Galaxy S9/S9+ & Note 9

One UI 2.1 Update

We are sorry for not responding properly. First of all, in the One UI 2.1, Bixby Routines was decided to be unsupported. Until the end, I tried to find a variety of ways through optimizing cooking but agreed that it was incompatible. I know the side that the people who did not expect and asked for are so sorry for the respondent’s heart. (Breaking) I can’t give you the answer you want, but I am so sorry. We will continue to make requests for review and make further efforts.

As he says, he had tried till the end that means the update is near to complete, and we can see it in the coming weeks. Due to the lockdown in most of the countries and with the limited employees, the updates are getting late. Soon, we will get a clear idea about which feature we will get & which one will be neglected from the One UI 2.1 version for Galaxy S9, S9+ & Note 9 devices.

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