Galaxy Watch 4 & Active 4 will Officially Launch on June 28

Finally, Samsung has confirmed to launch its upcoming smartwatches on June 28. The company will hold an online event to showcase all the products along with the next Galaxy Watches. The Mobile World Congress or MWC was supposed to be held in February. Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases, official members postponed it. The event will now happen in the last week of June, where most of the companies will take part. Samsung has cleared that it will not give a physical presence in the event, but will organize an online event.

After the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung first time unveil products at the MWC event. Most of the leaks for Galaxy Watch 4 & Active 4 have been done in the past few days. We know it will launch with Wear OS by Google by leaving behind Tizen OS. After the first-gen Galaxy S watch, Samsung will again join with Google to introduce a new smartwatch. In other specs, the leaker claims, one of the models will get 247mAh battery power. It is not clear the battery backup will outrun Tizen OS or give the same amount of output.

Galaxy Watch 4 Launch date

The Galaxy Watch 4 & Active 4 will come with both Wi-Fi only & Wi-Fi+LTE models. It is the only information tipsters gathered from various sources. Samsung will pack all the health features, Wear OS software, and physical rotating bezels into the watches. On June 28, all the doubts will be clear, and we will know what Samsung put into its new Wear OS smartwatches. The watches will go on sale in the first week of August.

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