Galaxy Watch Active 2 Receives Galaxy Watch 3 Features

As always a year old Galaxy Watch Active 2 is now receiving some Galaxy Watch 3 features. The new Watch 3 is quite lucky to get some of the best features that can be comparable to Apple Watch Series 5 or upcoming Series 6. Where to start, blood oxygen, ECG, fall detection & VO2 max is the future innovative functions that you can use in many areas. Not all these are coming to Active 2 due to the hardware limitations, but some of them have landed here. The VO2 Max will not let you check how much oxygen your body has observed during the workout for better endurance.

The second most important feature is to Detect fall, it will call or message to the emergency number via SOS to your friends or family. It automatically calls them when the watch detects a hard fall or accidental fall. Enhanced notifications are now open windows while receiving new messages and also show the images. Previously, only WhatsApp was able to show the images. With the Advanced Running Analysis, you can improve your running stay yourself fit & active. You will get all the necessary information in one place with the running analysis.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 Update

Now, in the new software, you can easily take screenshots of the watch and send it to the paired smartphone. The screenshot option is not new to the Active 2, though now you can take scroll captures. Finally, in the messages & notification replies, you can use AR Emojis & Bitmojis for better communication. The firmware version R820XXU1CTH8 is now rolling out in some European countries & South Korea.