Galaxy Watch Design Revealed in New Patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office recently released a patent for Samsung. The information in the license mentions a new packed feature with the future model of Galaxy Watch. It says about the body composition feature, integrated into the strap of the watch. This feature enables users to measure body composition, and this will the next step towards health and fitness consciousness.

Over the years, manufacturers are continuously trying to improve the health-related aspect of smartwatches. Samsung’s wearables are also compatible with various advanced fitness tracking features, including heart rate and sleep monitoring features.

This increased interest in health and fitness features lead to rigorous competition to provide comprehensive fitness features. The body composition feature mentioned in the patent enables users to track progress over time and plan accordingly.

Galaxy Watch Patent

New Samsung Smartwatch Patent

According to the information in patent, a body composition device uses bioelectrical impedance analysis to calculate a ratio between fat and moisture. It does with the help of low power AC to analyze the electrical resistance between adipose and non-adipose tissues.

The feature may integrate with the strap of the watch. There will include two electrodes on the inside of the band to maintain contact with the user’s wrist. Whereas, there are two other electrodes on the outside of the group to place the users two fingers.

Introduction of this technology to Samsung wearables will help the company to beat the stiff competition. Samsung will make great efforts to introduce this technology as soon as possible in the future Galaxy Watch models.