Galaxy Z Flip 4 Prices

We are almost three weeks away from Samsung’s next big event for its different products. It will launch various devices in its next big August event. In the event, it will reveal all the products, their features, and prices, but it will not stop leakers from leaking various information. The new sources have revealed prices for three of the upcoming products for the European region. The prices for Galaxy Z Fold 4, Flip 4 & Galaxy Buds 3 Pro have leaked.

The leaked prices show that this time, Samsung will increase the prices for the next foldable phones. The prices come into the light when rumors were discussing cheaper Galaxy A series foldable phones in the future.

The price for Galaxy Z Fold 4 256GB model will be 1864 euros, which has hiked from 1,800 euros for Fold 3. The 512GB model will come for 1,982 euros, which has increased from the 1,900 euros of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 512GB variant.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 Prices

The Galaxy Z flip 4 256GB model in Europe will cost 1,160 euros, and the bigger 512GB variant will cost 1,280 euros. The previous Flip 3 256GB model in the market is available for 1,049 euros or $999, which means the clamshell model has also seen a price hike.

The interesting part is the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro earbuds. The name came suddenly and challenged previously leaked Buds 2 Pro. We are not sure whether it is Buds 3 Pro or Buds 2 Pro, but it will available for 213 euros in the European region. The official price list will unveil at the upcoming event.

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